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Welp.. Need to discard.

Played this for a 4 free indie horrors and i didn't really enjoy my playthrough. There's no mouselock, the scares are pretty cheap and the flashlight is horrible. It's overall just not that well made and i think you can do a lot better. If you want a more full in-depth review. I give just that in my video below. 

I do apologize how underwhelming v0.4.4 was on my version of 087-B Unity, but honestly, v0.5 is taking a extended period of time and I can't do a patch update like v0.4.5. Version 0.5 is set to solve all problems including mouse sensitivity, the locks you mentioned, the dropped chance of event floors (Which were too common, probably 40% common hallway), reanimated Masked Man, tons of new rooms, etc. Also, the Unity version you played in the video is actually not mine, I honestly have no clue where you got the other 087-B Unity remake.

wait what???? Lol

Good game! However I died at first monster, because of the behaviour of the mouse. When I try to look around (horizontally) there is some point when the cursor is stuck (I mean when i look left there is point, where I cannot look left further more) and in some places options to turn in different directions is not possible (I mean no 360 degrees point of view). But everything other is done great, the atmosphere around, the sound, graphics.

Its no remake What is mental? in no Mental!

U god damn right man


I just played the new update. I like the buffed masked man :D

Awesome remake! I really like the new monsters animations.