SCP-087-B Unity Edition v0.4 Changelog

"Hey Fredbear, you released 087-B Unity v0.4 a lot quicker than we expected, did you rush it?" No people, I did not rush it, this was meant to give off the new ending and add a new entity from SCP-087-B Extended Edition, referred to as Eye Killer, without a further a do, heres the log.

  • Added a new ending
  • Added Eye Killer
  • The beginning is now refined
  • Flashlight range has dropped to avoid cheating the forked paths
  • Fixed a bug where Red Monster kills you instantly without you getting a chance when he ambushes you
  • Fixed inconsistent Masked Man events
  • Added a transition room at floor 50 (Always consistent, bare in mind, there are 150 floors)
  • Added a elevator at floor 149
  • Added new rooms
  • Slight texture optimization
  • Reverb has been added in the ending room
  • Camera shake is now supported
  • Head bob has been changed
  • Increased the step interval based on sprinting or walking
  • Masked Man and Red Monster now support footsteps
  • Fixed a bug where Masked Man disappears when the wall event opens up at that exact moment

Pretty big update, hope you enjoy, report any bugs as they may come in after development.

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