SCP-087-B Unity Edition v0.4.4 Changelog

First patch update, why is it not v0.4.1 you may ask, reasons. Changelog is the following:

  • Changed wall, white, and floor textures
  • Changed Red Monster's texture
  • UI buttons now play a sound
  • Fixed a bug where Masked Man refuses to drop down in the ending room
  • The Hallway Junction now has a chance for 2 of 3 paths to be walled off
  • Normal map adjustments
  • Swapped the flashlight to the matches
  • Fixed head bobbing for not being too realistic
  • Volume percentage is now saved upon closing the game
  • Fixed a bug where the volume would get too quiet upon going a little below 50%
  • Extended 2 scare sounds
  • Optimized the Wall Trap event and Vanishing Masked Man event
  • Added level loading screen
  • Removed the toggle flashlight/match button due to being useless
  • Changed the Unknown Doctor's voice
  • Fixed the label's lighting effect

A new area is now in progress, not a room, but a area, deeper than where everyone is, lies inside it is a new entity, be afraid of the stairwell...

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can you Added the possibility to change the sensitivity of mouse 

I can add more settings in v0.5, this includes mouse sensitivity.

oki doki